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"Before meeting Isla, I was bored and frustrated by 35 years of printing. You gave me the confidence to follow my ideas in publishing and for the first time in my life I am driven with enthusiasm. Thank you." Howard Wand (ex M.D. Powis Printers now M.D. Confidential Publishing)
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Career and Performance Development

How does Career Development and Performance Coaching work?

Career development and performance and skills coaching can either take the form of structured sessions or you might want to deal intensively with one particular issue or event. Structured one hour sessions are scheduled at specific intervals arranged to fit in with your work commitments. If you need intensive coaching you might prefer longer sessions to target your significant issue.

By setting your own journey goals and using a variety of exercises and techniques during the program with actions to complete in between sessions you will maintain focus and be able to benchmark your achievements.

An added benefit from performance and skills and career development coaching is that you will be able to compile your own Personal Development Plan to take forward and keep you on track. The important thing is you will be deciding to take control of your issues and you will be investing in yourself.

What can Performance and Skills Coaching help with?

In 2001 the European Council indicated that job satisfaction was an indicator of job quality.

In a 2010 CIPD survey almost two thirds of employees stated that stress had increased as a result of economic factors.

The Work Foundation Survey in 2001 found that many employees felt that work was simply a way of making a living.

Being unhappy or dissatisfied at work can be a major problem for people managing their careers and affecting their personal lives. Being able to handle change, being tough and masterful, juggling varying tasks and enjoying good relations with colleagues and superiors are skills many people need to achieve a happy working life.

These are just some of the work and career issues Yourcoaching can help you overcome with career development and performance coaching to help you build resilience in the workplace, combat stress and enhance performance and job satisfaction:

  • A feeling of frustration and making do
  • Not being challenged
  • Inappropriate rewards or remuneration
  • Inflexibility of hours
  • Repetitive unstimulating work
  • Task attributes and skills
  • Role ambiguity or workload problems
  • Unsuitable working environment
  • Difficult relationships with subordinates, peers, leaders or managers
  • Organisational changes
  • Lack of training and personal development opportunities
  • Skewed work/life balance.

For people who have lost the joy of their work, career development and performance coaching can open up a whole new world.Changing your career or how you work can be daunting. Career development through performance coaching can provide support and encouragement to help you find the right path and determine which are the right decisions for you.

Career development and performance coaching is about eliciting the underlying brilliances we often hide from ourselves. It enhances both your self esteem and your position in the workplace. You learn how to use your skills, some probably forgotten, to take you forward into new territory. It helps you to realign your personal values, manage and handle stress at work and increase your productivity, it provides you with greater motivation and organisational ability. You can then be personally effective in your career and make the right decisions and create your personal development plan. You will also find out what your real motivations are so you can use them to take you in the right direction for YOU.

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