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"If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else."
Laurence J Peter
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What's Happening?

National Business Mentoring Conference 2018

Isla Baliszewska


We are delighted to report that Isla Baliszewska won the Commitment to Mentoring award at the London Conference of The Association of Business Mentors.

Well done Isla!



Scale Up Grant Funding for Your Business

High Impact Business Coaching Grants

Up to £5000 is available for eligible businesses looking to scale up and achieve high growth. If yours is a businesses with the aspiration to grow and the willingness to invest then contact us to  find out more about how SCT can help you make your business fly.  Find out more



Are you in the right job?

Career Coaching

If you are at a career crossroads, struggling with your performance, needing interview or CV inspiration, or looking to step up to a bigger role, let us help. We can support you in mapping your career path, finding the right job and achieving your career goals. Find out more by contacting us for more details.



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Talks and Workshops

Yourcoaching, inconjunction with Smart Coaching & Training, runs courses, events, talks and workshops for businesses, individuals, groups, and young people targeted at specific life issues. We can arrange particular dates and group numbers to suit you or your business so please contact Isla for more information.

Uncertainty in the Workplace

Uncertainty & Change at workUncertainty can trigger fear, defensiveness, lack of self-worth, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and to adversely affect efficiency and productivity. This talk covers managing and recognising the journey of uncertainty, its emotional content and how to 'sit' with it, exploring how to reduce the negative impact for employers and employees, turning it from a potentially destructive force into an opportunity.

Signature Soft Skills Workshops

"There’s not one specific thing or skill people have to have to work for us. But I can tell you why we fire people: soft skills. We hire for hard skills. We fire for soft skills. The ability to interact and communicate with others or behave ethically and take responsibility for things tends to be where people tend to break down.” –  Rick Stephens, Senior Vice President of HR, The Boeing Corporation.

Drawing on concepts from Emotional Intelligence, Performance Coaching, Cognitive Development and other disciplines these Signature Soft Skills workshops focus on the essential skills sought by the best employers, which characterise relationships with others and the individual’s approach to life and work.

Each workshop focuses on a key soft skill and taken together, the whole series is a valuable developmental programme to positively enhance decision making, motivation, team-working, creativity, responsibility, negotiation and leadership.

5 Signature Soft Skills Workshops to learn how to:

  • Understand more about yourself and feel more confident
  • Develop better communcations skills and better relationships.
  • Learn resilience and how to manage change
  • Be mindful in order to be more effective and combat stress
  • Present your best self and be your best brand.

The Emotional Journey at Work

What is your mental and emotional state at work? Are you aware of your mood and what messages you are conveying to others? Learn to create the right balance within yourself to enjoy your work, your relationships and your life.

In this workshop you will explore how to

  • Pace your personal state
  • Use tools and techniques to manage your mood and control your emotions
  • Identify stress triggers and conditioned reactions
  • Manage your stress levels and create positive emotional states
  • Enabliing changing resources
  • Learn self-mastery techniques

Presentations – Up Front and Personal

PresentationsPresenting yourself well - making great Presentations

Create the impact you want,

Be prepared with confidence and competence

Be compelling and coherent in your presentation!

Whether you want to develop your personal brand or hone your skills to successfully present information to small or large audiences, internally or externally, the crucial element is to know what results you want, how you can achieve them and more importantly why they are important.

“If you can speak you can influence. If you can influence you can change lives.” Rob Brown

Step Into Your Personal Power

Success Personal PowerDo you feel everyone is happier than you, doing better than you, has a better job, partner, life than you?

This course is about getting the most out of your life, taking a reality check, learning to see the bigger picture, building foundations for change and personal growth and developing the ability to focus on what really matters for you and how to get it.

Define your issues, make decisions, take control, move forward, and step into your personal power!

Coach Yourself Workshop

This event is a very motivating half day workshop where attendees work through individual goals, learn about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them, and pick up tips and techniques on how to use available resources to steer the right course towards achieving their goals.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

A challenging and inspiring way to look at personal and social concepts of self esteem and how these affect beliefs and behaviours. Using a combination of discussion and practical exercises you can discover how your limiting beliefs can prevent progress and how to uncover your strengths and skills to build confidence and resilience.

Some testimonials from previous workshops:

"I found the workshop really useful in helping me see a way out of a spiral of depression. I have embarked on a journey of discovery, set achievable goals, seen results and been able to make decisions and stick to them."
Tricia Hornby - Holistic Massage therapist

"I found the course a very interesting introduction to coaching and was surprised how the exercises we did raised my awareness of how fixed I had become in my thinking. I have come to realise that I have more positives in my life and can focus effectively on the areas that need resolution. Having seen Isla subsequently I now have a clearer picture of what I want to be and the support to enable me to get there."
Jackie Owen - Wiltshire

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