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"If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else."
Laurence J Peter
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What's Happening?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this leadership seminar is for you! The seminar will be held on 28 October, 5.00 – 7.30 pm at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bristol, BS1 4AQ. Not only will you learn something useful about yourself and how you could improve your business, we’ll also share how you can tap into government match funding to go further and faster on your business journey to achieve your goals. Tickets are £20 (£15.00 with early bird discount until 16 Oct) and a further 10% discount for IoD members so book now! BOOK NOW



For all aspring mentors, the next Busineess Mentoring Fundamentals Course is on 5th November 2015 in London.

Contact us for more details and to book your place.


figgins case study


Working with Business West we have been helping a lot of new businesses to get Start Up loans for their enterprises. One such venture where Isla helped to put together the business plan and strategy was for Robert and Sarah Lloyd Williams, the brains behind Figgins, a gift and homeware shop that sells quirky and unique items to brighten up any abode. Sarah and Robert are supported through StartUp Loans delivery partner Business West. Read more...

For more information on what is happening call us 0333 566 0067.

Talks and Workshops

Yourcoaching runs courses, events, talks and workshops for businesses, individuals, groups, and young people targeted at specific life issues. We can arrange particular dates and group numbers to suit you or your business so please contact Isla for more information.

Uncertainty in the Workplace

Uncertainty has the power to trigger fear, defensiveness, lack of self-worth, stress and anxiety, relationship issues, and to adversely affect efficiency and productivity. This talk covers managing and recognising the journey of uncertainty, its emotional content and how to 'sit' with it and explores how we can identify measures to reduce its negative impact for employers and employees, turning it from a potentially destructive force into an opportunity.

The Emotional Journey at Work

What is your mental and emotional state at work? Are you aware of your mood and what messages you are conveying to others? Learn to create the right balance within yourself to enjoy your work, your relationships and your life.

In this workshop you will explore how to

  • Pace your personal state
  • Use tools and techniques to manage your mood and control your emotions
  • Identify stress triggers and conditioned reactions
  • Manage your stress levels and create positive emotional states
  • Enabliing changing resources
  • Learn self-mastery techniques

Step Into Your Personal Power

Do you feel everyone is happier than you, doing better than you, has a better job, partner, life than you?

This course is about getting the most out of your life, taking a reality check, learning to see the bigger picture, build foundations for change and personal growth and develop the ability to focus on what really matters for you and how you can get it.

Define your issues, make decisions, take control, move forward, and step into your personal power!

Coach Yourself Workshop

This event is a very motivating half day workshop where attendees work through individual goals, learn about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them, and pick up tips and techniques on how to use available resources to steer the right course towards achieving their goals.

Define Your Destiny

This series of workshops allows for the exploration of what makes us tick. The workshops will facilitate a wealth of powerful realisations. They are specifically designed to boost confidence and empower you, through the development of resources and mutual support within a group experience.
You will

  • Understand more about yourself and feel more confident
  • Develop a support structure
  • Be true to yourself and know what you need to feel fulfilled
  • See a future you are happy in
  • Develop the ability to believe in yourself.

How to Talk to your Teenager

How many times have you had that conversation where you and your teen seem to be in different rooms? Would you like to be able to know that your message has been received and understood? And would you like to be able to understand what they are actually saying to you? In this talk we look at interesting ways of developing respectful conversations, without emotional outbursts and with positive outcomes.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

A challenging and inspiring way to look at personal and social concepts of self esteem and how these affect beliefs and behaviours. Using a combination of discussion and practical exercises you can discover how your limiting beliefs can prevent progress and how to uncover strengths and skills to build confidence.

Motivate your Teenager

We all worry about our children not doing well or enjoying their lives. This workshop explores what motivates us as adults and how we can adapt some of those principles in our parenting. Looking at how we interact with our children, issues of children's motivation, self-esteem, and beliefs we can learn new ways to encourage them towards independent thinking and self managed achievement and an appreciation of their own value. Includes some practical exercises for tackling those issues children face in their home and school lives.

Some testimonials from previous workshops:

"I found the workshop really useful in helping me see a way out of a spiral of depression. I have embarked on a journey of discovery, set achievable goals, seen results and been able to make decisions and stick to them."
Tricia Hornby - Holistic Massage therapist

"I found the course a very interesting introduction to coaching and was surprised how the exercises we did raised my awareness of how fixed I had become in my thinking. I have come to realise that I have more positives in my life and can focus effectively on the areas that need resolution. Having seen Isla subsequently I now have a clearer picture of what I want to be and the support to enable me to get there."
Jackie Owen - Wiltshire

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