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"The ability to accept responsibility is the measure of the man."
Roy L Smith
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions can be found below:

Will my life coach tell me which areas of my life I need help with?
Your coach will help you decide what you want to work on by using careful questioning and listening techniques.

Are the coaching sessions confidential?
Yes completely, your coach will never divulge the contents of your sessions to anyone other than you.

What are the limitations of life coaching?
If at any time your coach feels that you will benefit from specialised expertise (e.g. counselling, medical etc.) you will be appropriately referred.

My work schedule is very erratic, can coaching fit around this?
Sessions can be flexibly timetabled depending on the needs and commitments of the client.

Do I have to do homework?
You will decide what actions you wish to complete betweens sessions to ensure focus and commitment to the programme of coaching. You may also choose to do exercises with your coach during sessions.

What will personal life coaching give me?
Tools and techniques to help you realise your potential, increase your motivation and confidence and help you to perform more effectively.