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This page is for those of you looking for life and personal coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions can be found below:

Will my coach tell me which areas of my life I need help with?
Your coach will help you decide what you want to work on by using careful questioning and listening techniques, offering you tools and exercises to suit your needs and enable change to happen. The job of the coach is to elicit, encourage, motivate, challenge, be the catalyst to the change you want to make happen.

Are the coaching sessions confidential?
Yes completely, your coach will never divulge the contents of your sessions to anyone other than you, unless you agree and there are stakeholders involved that you want to share your session progress with.

What are the limitations of personal coaching?
Coaching is about the now and the future, finding blocks, looking for ways round then and solutions to move you forward. It is not counselling and not advice, it is not judgemental and it is not teaching. If at any time your coach feels that you will benefit from specialised expertise (e.g. counselling, medical etc.) you will be appropriately referred.

My work schedule is very erratic, can coaching fit around this?
Sessions can be flexibly timetabled depending on the needs and commitments of the client.

Do I have to do homework?
You will decide what actions you wish to complete betweens sessions to ensure focus and commitment to the programme of coaching. You may also choose to do exercises with your coach during sessions.

What will personal life coaching give me?
Tools and techniques to help you realise your potential, increase your motivation and confidence and help you to perform more effectively.

What sort of people have coaching?
Anyone who is at a crossroads, stuck in a rut, has a particular goal or wants to make a change in their life.

What happens in a coaching session?
Your first session is about 'where you are now and where you want to be' setting some outline goals and setting some initial small step actions. After that each subsequent session starts with a review of those actions and your progress, looking at what barriers have arisen and the options to surmount these. You are accountable for your progress and what you put in will determine what you get out of the relationship. Coaching is a conversation within a safe space to allow you to explore your issues and challenges and find options to move forward.