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"The important thing is not to stop questioning."
Albert Einstein
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Business Mentoring

Are you getting in the way of your business?

Is your business working for you or are you working for it?

Are you working in, rather than on your business?

Business mentoring for owner managers, entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses can be targeted at any area of the business, be it about implementing strategies, staying focused on core objectives or making the business more profitable.

Business mentoring is a personal support for business leaders and offers options to

  • Establish personal and business goals
  • Develop long lasting solutions based on good decisions
  • Make the business model a success
  • Work towards identifying and achieving business targets and objectives
  • Build confidence and energy in the business leadership that feeds through to managers and employees
  • Manage challenge and change
  • Maintain the chosen vision and purpose.

Yourcoaching provides business mentoring that aims at helping business leaders achieve business growth while balancing their working and personal life, retaining focus when personal weakness might constrain business progress or external factors impact on the business performance.

How does Business Mentoring work?

An initial meeting consists of a business diagnostic and needs analysis to gain an overview of the business, its targets, objectives, markets, products and the areas for discussion.

Subsequent meetings are tailored to cover goal setting and set a strategy to manage the areas needing attention focusing on measurable results. The mentoring support can be maintained for as long as it takes to create the confidence and momentum desired for business success.