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"If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else."
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Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

What is a PDP?

An academic site defined PDP as a 'structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development'.

Having a personal development plan is a great way to stay grounded in our goals and to measure our achievement. We are used to having assessments at work but rarely do we apply the sound thinking behind this to our personal lives. PDP's are a great way to get work/life balance right, to take an objective view of the different areas of our lives and plan appropriate improvements and changes.

A plan showing performance, achievements and future actions can keep us on track when we waiver or encounter further obstacles and can be our mirror to success, reflecting to us how well we are progressing.

How Personal Development Plans can help in Coaching Programmes

PDP's are a powerful tool in coaching programmes. By working with a coach who is there to provide support as well as challenge to clarify how far you have come and where you want to be at given times in the future, enables you to appreciate how much you how far you have come and how far you can go.

Within the coaching framework a Personal Development Plan can be used before, during or after coaching sessions,to give you a focus for future actions so you don't lose that momentum for change and to ensure that you achieve your goals set during the coaching programme. It will also underpin your committment to the changes you have started to implement during the coaching sessions.

You can choose to use a PDP in one or all of the following stages:

Remember that PDP's are a continuing process and add considerable impetus and power to your coaching experience.

If you don't have a personal development plan how can you know what coaching you need, what the coaching should include, and whether it is successful?

How Yourcoaching can help you create your Personal Development Plan

A PDP is unique to each person and Yourcoaching works with each client to identify those areas particular to where you are in your life, your vision and yoru objectives. Areas for development are clarified and prioritised according to need and time factors, and taking into account the impact of the plan on other areas of life and other people you engage with.

A typical personal development plan, created with the support of Yourcoaching, might include;

  • A summary of the goals you have already achieved and the changes you have made.
  • A summary of the strengths and resources you have indentified during the sessions.
  • An action plan with journey goals scheduled for you to measure future success.
  • A list of resources you can use to take you forward with your long term goals.
  • Specified rewards to keep you committed and to ensure you acknowledge your achievements.
  • Review dates at which to assess your steps towards success.

To find our more and start creating your own Personal Development Plan email Isla