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"Isla was both professional and knowledgeable. She certainly knows her subject and had a great understanding of my life/work/home balance, helping me to identify patterns and find solutions to help me to move forward in my career and relationships. She is both approachable and focused and would certainly not let me get away with anything! She seemed to know me well in only a short space of time and gave me valuable choices which I use daily. The 'homework' gave me the push I needed and I am grateful to her for the changes I now see in my life."
Jill Sudbury Therapist and Clinic Manager
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Personal Life Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal Life Coaching is for people who find themselves stuck and who want to get out of their own way, remove limiting beliefs and make changes to move forward. Whether you have a particular issue or goal, or just a general discontentment with your life, someone to guide and support you through change is invaluable.

Clients who seek personal coaching discover their own personal power and their ability to take control of their lives tackling issues around stress and life management, building confidence and being able to take decisions about where they want to be and what they want to do. Lacking confidence and being held back by beliefs that have worked for us in the past but are not longer relevant, is at the root of many feelings of personal failure.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • There is too much stress and a lack of balance in your life,
  • You are struggling with interpersonal relationships at home or at work,
  • Motivation is low for you and nothing makes you feel like leaping out of bed in the morning,
  • You want to change your environment,
  • Your work/life balance is skewed,
  • There is never enough time to fit everything in,
  • Your feel low in confidence or self esteem,
  • You feel you have lost your way in life.

Whatever your obtacles, coaching will give you the tools to get clarity, stay focused and make those changes.

If you know there is something you want to change but you just don’t know what, if you feel disgruntled and dissatisfied, frustrated and unfulfilled, coaching could be for you.

Personal Life Coaching provides a structured processs where you receive individual attention focused on your needs and aspirations, decide on what changes you want to make and how to make them and set goals to achieve the life you want.

Your coach will help you look for those underlying motivations that you need to move on with your life. Through a process of growing self awareness, you will look at what you really want out of life, then at how to remove the obstacles stopping you from getting there, using the resources that you discover on the way. You will take control of your decisions and identify your strengths and techniques to help you become more positive and focused and ultimately to achieve your real potential.

How does Personal Life Coaching work?

To make lasting changes requires commitment as well as desire, so life coaching works best with a planned series of sessions set at intervals to suit you, and to allow you to complete actions and journey goals between sessions. These can be face to face meetings, Skype or telephone sessions. You decide your goals with the help of your coach who will employ tools and techniques to work with you to uncover underlying strengths and values to propel you forward towards your overall goals and objectives.

Whatever the ‘bother’ is and even if you don’t know, you just feel there is something not right, you could take the first step towards making things better and taking control of your life by booking your own personal life coaching programme.

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