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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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TFT - Thought Field Therapy

What is TFT?

The original 'tapping' therapy, Thought Field Therapy is a natural drug-free, non-invasive system which, by simply finger-tapping certain energy meridian points on the face and body in a precise sequence, eliminates the cause of negative emotions. TFT is fast and effective. It has a claimed success rate of up to 97%.

Some of the benefits of Thought Field Therapy compared to other more conventional therapies include:

  • Immediate relief from suffering.
  • No adverse side effects (it is completely safe and effective and can be applied to adults and children).
  • Does not require you to talk about your problem in great depth(something that often causes considerable distress or embarrassment, which discourages many from seeking treatment in the first place).

Thought Field Therapy has been demonstrated on national TV by Paul McKenna - a well-known therapist and TV personality. Paul has helped hundreds of people overcome fears, phobias and addictions with TFT.

What Does TFT do?

Thought Field Therapy works on the premise that we tune into specific thought fields whenever we think of something and that these fields hold coded energy patterns which generate the emotional experience associated with that thought.

So, for example, the experience of fear follows the same 'instructions' each time it is felt. Thought Field therapists call these patterns "perturbations".

By tapping a specific sequence on the correct meridian points we can deactivate these perturbations, which effectively switches off the emotional experience. Thereafter, you can think about what worried or troubled you without experiencing the negative emotions that used to be associated with that concern. So need to jump on a chair every time you see a spider!

People use Thought Field Therapy for a variety of reasons including-

One of the great things about TFT is that once you have learned the specific tapping sequences you can use these yourself at any time.

How was TFT Discovered?

Thought Field Therapy was founded and developed by Dr Roger Callahan PhD, one of America’s most distinguished and experienced Clinical Psychologists. After using conventional therapies like behavioural therapy for thirty years Dr Callahan was dissatisfied with their poor results and became interested in an alternative therapy called Applied Kinesiology, which involves the body’s energy meridians.

After many years of research, experimentation and development Dr Callahan devised what we now know as Thought Field Therapy. He found astonishingly positive results in helping clients with emotional problems — including anxiety, depression, phobias, traumas and obsessive compulsive disorder — by tapping on the correct parts of the body corresponding to the energy meridians in the right sequence.

Dr Callahan compiled 'menus' of tapping sequences (called algorithms) with which he had an outstanding success rate (up to 80%) in treating different emotional problems. He had in fact tapped into nature’s own healing system—a series of ‘healing codes’.

Contact us to discover more about how TFT works and to arrange a session to explore its potential.